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Thought you would all love this. I heard about the blog last week and never had a chance to post a link.

A couple of my favorite things that are younger than John McCain:

1). The Golden Gate Bridge

2). Penicillin

3). Minimum Wage

John McCain is Older than Penicillin


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It’s back. I love the internet machine. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from rawstory.com posted with vodpod

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Update: It’s back!! Bill O’Reilly Video Recovered – Raw Story Carries O’Reilly Going Crazy

From before:

I just posted the Bill O’Reilly video and within an hour the link was taken down by YouTube. If anyone finds this wonderful piece of Americana, please send a link or post it in the comments area. YouTube has claimed that CBS Broadcasting owns the copyright to the video (and they are most likely correct) but now that it’s been in the public sphere, even the O’Reilly himself can’t deny how far he has fallen.

I’ll be searching far and wide for this. For now, enjoy the excellent image I managed to dig up…

Bill O\'Reill Flips Out

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Update: Bill O’Reilly Video Recovered – Raw Story Carries O’Reilly Going Crazy

It’s back. I love the internet machine. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

From before:

The clip of Bill O’Reilly everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s your favorite deviant going absolutely crazy on tape and I’m sure it’s not the first or last time it will ever happen. Enjoy.

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Senator John McCain has launched a new TV spot advertising his new funeral home business. It shows him wheeling out the corpse of his one thousand year old mother to chat with him about his birth during the French and Indian War.

If your reading this Senator McCain (or if any of your campaign staff are tuned in) let me give you some free (and excellent) political advice. If you’re trying not to reinforce the negative stereotype about your age, you’d better not put your white-haired self in front of a camera next your blue-haired mother. Perhaps your intention was to look young next to the woman who so kindly gave birth to you, but I look at this ad and I immediately see two half-dead senior citizens reminiscing about Life Magazine in the crumbling library of a nursing home.

Senator, it might be time that you accepted your age as a disadvantage and stopped trying to remind us that, compared to your mom, you’re as healthy as a horse. Voters overlook things like age if you’ve got a solid message, proven skills and an unimpeachable character. Which you have in spades.

And you’re a war hero. And not just any war hero. One that was continuously tortured for years and as a result, can’t fully use your arms because of the trauma you’ve sustained. If there’s a contrast between your age and Obama’s youth, there’s an even better one between your awesomeness and Obama’s complete inexperience.

Look, if you’re ever going to look young in your ads, this isn’t the way to do it. The only way you can ever achieve that is if you eat nails or shoulder-press a live tiger.

I don’t see that happening. In fact, that scenario is the opposite of what your Mother’s Day commercial is. And that’s my point. If you’re not willing to go to one extreme to pedal your youth, don’t go to the other. Having your mother make speeches introducing you at campaign stops is one thing, but having her appear in commercials seen by millions of voters is quite another. I hope for your sake, your campaign staff has learned their lesson.

And, of course, Happy Mother’s Day.

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The Hillary Deathwatch widget from Slate…probably the most timely thing that I’ve come across in recent days. Apparently, the internet news mag started this great little graphic last week. As I’ve been saying for so long here, it’s only a matter of time before Clinton needs to throw the towel in and now I’m glad someone caught on with a great little graphic. Enjoy!

The Hillary Clinton Deathwatch

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In a 24 hour period, Sen. Barack Obama has started to sound presidential and Sen. Hillary Clinton’s message is getting lost in the weeds. Take a look at just a few minutes of Obama’s speech from North Carolina and you’ll see what I mean. If you’re the presumptive nominee, you should be talking like this guy.

If this is our Democratic nominee (and I have said in this space for a long time that I think he is) the question now becomes, how did Hillary fall so hard?

As we so often do here at thinkmatter, let’s look at her messaging. Peter S. Canellos of the Boston Globe yesterday had picked up exactly the line that the Clinton campaign had been hoping every reporter would. Specifically, a softer, less opportunistic and distinctly blue collar Hillary who understands the needs of everyday people.

“Few politicians in American history have carried less of a reputation for “Cheers”-like camaraderie than the senator from New York, who was widely seen as cold and calculating.

But that stereotype has been cast aside by many voters, replaced by its positive twin: The same steely-eyed characteristics that made Clinton seem cold now make her seem purposeful; what was once seen as calculation is now determination.

Part of the transformation has been a matter of comparison. Some people think her opponent, Barack Obama, has an academic aloofness to him. Next to him, Clinton’s grittiness stands out in far sharper relief.”

This is an unprecedented success for a candidate, and an especially unusual one for a candidate like Hillary, whose past reputation has been weighed down by perceptions that she’s an…ahem, ‘rhymes with rich’.

Had this cream-puff story carried any water into the May 6th contests, she would have gotten a pass for the last few months she has spent essentially asking for the most unprecedented thing in American political history – crown her the nominee based on her own projection that she could be a better candidate against McCain. Ignore the numbers and vote tallies, she’s saying, and make me your nominee because I might have a better shot at winning in November.

Unfortunately, her campaign is faced with an entirely different storyline. Instead of the glowing reviews she was getting prior to Indiana/North Carolina, she woke up today faced with a sharp rebuke of her continued candidacy:

“Very early this morning, after many voters had already gone to sleep, the conventional wisdom of the elite political pundit class that resides on television shifted hard, and possibly irretrievably, against Senator Hillary Clinton’s continued viability as a presidential candidate.

The moment came shortly after midnight Eastern time, captured in a devastatingly declarative statement from Tim Russert of NBC News: “We now know who the Democratic nominee’s going to be, and no one’s going to dispute it,” he said on MSNBC. “Those closest to her will give her a hard-headed analysis, and if they lay it all out, they’ll say: ‘What is the rationale? What do we say to the undeclared super delegates tomorrow? Why do we tell them you’re staying in the race?’ And tonight, there’s no good answer for that.” Jim Rutenberg writes in today’s New York Times.

I understand the strength of her logic before Indiana/North Carolina. For many voters casting their ballots in a primary season, the ‘electability’ question is often taken into account when voting for a candidate. But after her showing in these primaries, it will be a Sisyphean effort to convince entire groups of electors (namely superdelegates and the Democratic Party establishment) to take this into account over and above the will of the voters.

Her arguments are now seen for the absurdity with which they were formulated. She has no measurable numbers on her side and now that she took such a huge hit in North Carolina, it would be difficult for her to achieve any viability from here on out.

Now, she says that she will fight until there is a nominee.

If you will permit me just one last thought before the unveiling of the Delegate and Superdelegate tracker. How long do we think the Republicans won’t latch themselves on to the following storyline: “The political ambitions of a few people are now superseding the interests of many Americans. Democrats aren’t bickering about policies, they are simply bickering about ambition. It’s not about becoming president, it’s about what you want to do when you are president. Sen. McCain is going around the country touting his plans to solve real problems for real Americans, and Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton are simply trying to outwit and outflank each other just for the sake of a seat in the Oval Office. The Democrats arent’ talking about real issues.” Commence launch of potential GOP talking points.

Staying in this race hurts her and it hurts Sen. Obama. Let’s see what she does after the last primary in June. The smart money might be on her striking a deal to become V.P. prior to the Puerto Rico Primary. Of course, the even smarter money might be on Obama marginalizing her by addressing only Senator McCain in his speeches and letting the press hammer her into dropping out.

All speculation aside, if we see anything at all in the next few weeks, it’s going to be Hillary scrambling.

And now, the long awaited Delegate and Superdelegate Trackers.

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